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Having To Give Up My C5...

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Posted 01 July 2018 - 02:18 PM

Citroen C5 1.6 Hdi Estate, 2006, Burgundy, 105k miles.
Had a new battery at the turn of the year. Just spent £150 on two new rear spheres and LDS fluid, one sphere is on, the other is unused. Had a fluid leak on o/s/r corner, sphere is replaced (was intent in changing the other at the same time) but there is still a leak from the seal. Mechanic tells me it also needs a suspension ram (the bit the sphere mounts on to?), and although he hasn’t checked the other side, suggests there is a likelihood it too would need doing soon.
Car was classed as a Category C after an accident in Sept 2016, the only work done to restore was replacing the n/s/f wing, and strapping the headlamp in place. The only other evidence of the accident is some scuffing to that corner of the bumper, and that the Bluetooth stopped working.
The rear windscreen was replaced last summer by Autoglass, they tell me that the glass breaking also breaks the electrical circuit to the lock for the split tailgate and as a result forces that to remain locked. They have bonded the new glass to the tailgate, so the split function no longer works. They also broke the rear wiper in the process of disassemble and reassemble. It has been glued back on but no longer works.
Apart from the above absolutely everything still works. The AC could probably do with a recharge but that too is still pretty good. No electrical, engine or transmission problems in the 3 years I’ve owned it. Upholstery has no burns, tears or other holes, a few signs of reasonable wear but nothing heavy. It didn’t look like it had smoked in when I got it, and hasn’t been since. 
Bodywork is pretty good too, only sign of rust is some light bubbling above o/s/f wheel arch. There are a few dings received in supermarket car parks but nothing unsightly. Most look more like scuffs, some might even polish out. 
Car was in everyday use until the fluid leak, although it did have a repair earlier this year to a power steering fluid supply. I asked in here about it at the time, but I don’t seem to be able to find that post. Car has never been thrashed, the C5 isn’t really a thrashers car, is it…
Strikes me as a car someone could use for spares, although it is possible for someone with skills to put it right again. Car is currently taxed, insured and the MOT runs for 3 more weeks. It’s a good, honest car, too good for scrap.
Selling because I have struggled for years to live on disability benefits, which often come with interruptions. If I was earning it would be kept running but I’ve finally come to accept I can no longer afford to keep a car running. I looked at a lot of bad C5s before finding this one, you guys in here have helped me a few times with both this and my previous C5, only natural I offer it up here first…
I’ll get out for some photos later today, I also have retained photos of the accident damage, if there is interest.

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