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Pluriel Roof Damper/gas Strut Adrift....

plureil roof converstion dampers struts

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#1 murielthepluriel



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Posted 14 June 2013 - 05:43 PM

Hello can anyone help please?


I bought an 03 Pluriel from a local garage in March. It would seem that it cant convert as one of the roof dampers (or gas struts?) - it helps the roof fold into the boot space so you can do a full conversion - is completely adrift. I`ve showed it to a few garages who have all said I must try not and operate the roof conversion ( though the electric sunroof does work )


My question is - how does that part come adrift? what would possibly cause it?


it doesn`t look like that should happen. 


I feel the garage have tried to pull a fast one as they sold me a convertible that had in inherent fault at the time of sale and is not a "convertible" - they didn`t demonstarte the conversion at the time as it was raining, and they illustrated the advert with what turns out to be library photographs and NOT the actual car I bought. 


Can anyone offer up any advice or help please? citroen cant look at the car until the end of june....and Id like to get some idea of what im dealing with!


Thanks! :)



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#2 paul.h



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Posted 14 June 2013 - 06:15 PM

Welcome to the forum.

I am not familier with the Pluriel but had a look at the Citroen procedures (these can be bought on dvd from such as ebay) and it says to remove the damper (they seem to call it a folding roof cassette balancer) the folding roof arches have to be removed and then the damper is just unclipped at both ends - looks to be similar to a normal tailgate damper from a hatchback or estate. So it may just need clipping back in but will need to be compressed for the lower end to clip back. The procedure is below but will not include the pictures unless you have the dvd. If you register on the service.citroen website as another professional, member of this forum, you can see the parts diagrams.


Replacement : Folding roof cassette balancer
C5DH0HP0 Replacement : Folding roof cassette balancer
ESSENTIAL : Observe the safety and cleanliness recommendations (refer to the brochure: "RECOMMENDATIONS - PRECAUTIONS").
1. Tool to be improvised  - [1] and [2] are to help compressing the balancer so the lower end can be fitted.
[ 1] Tool for compressing the balancer, comprising :
  • "a" Nut M10 with captive washer
  • "b" Flat plate (25 mm x 5 mm)
  • A = 250 mm
  • B = 25 mm
  • C = Ø 7 mm
  • D = 10 mm
  • E = 12 mm
Solder the nut " a" on the flat plate "b".
[ 2] Quick link (4 mm Ø). - looks like a small carabinier.
2. Remove
Remove the folding roof arches (see the relevant operation).
Pivot the folding roof cassette to the fully up position.
Unclip balancer at both ends at " c" and "d".
Remove the folding roof cassette balancer ( 1).
3. Refit
Clip the folding roof cassette balancer top end ( 1), as "c". Following is to compress the balancer so the lower end can be clipped in.
CAUTION : Use a length of panel ( 3) placed under the tool [1], to protect the interior trim.
Fit the quick link [ 2] on the ball-joint (2).
Engage tool [ 1] in the quick link [2].
Fit the folding roof cassette balancer ball-joint ( 1) on the tool [1], as "a".
Using tool [1], Compress the folding roof cassette balancer (1) following "e".
Clip the folding roof cassette balancer ( 1) on the ball-joint (2), as "d".
Remove the tool [1].
Open and remove the quick link [ 2].

#3 murielthepluriel



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Posted 14 June 2013 - 06:44 PM

Thank you Paul!


I`ll think as Im not technically minded I`ll let Citroen see if they can put it back, and hopefully pass any resulting bill onto the Garage that sold me the car. 



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